Selling Your Home In The Fall

Selling Your Home In The Fall Is A Great Idea

Even though summer has ended, it doesn’t mean selling season has. Selling your home in the fall could be the best move you make. Limited inventory during the slow season makes for the perfect selling conditions, and here’s why.

Understanding Buyers

Not all buyers have school-aged children and are not willing to move during the fall. Of course, listing a home during the spring and early summer seems like the most obvious choice since it allows some buyers to get things settled before the school year, but there are still buyers out there who like fall because they don’t have to compete with others. It also means there is less inventory making it easier for your home to stand out. Also included in this group of buyers, are those individuals who want to take advantage of tax breaks before the year closes out.


Staging your home for a fall listingThis is the perfect time to showcase just how cozy your home can be in the fall months. Consider rearranging your furniture to focus more on conversation and less on the TV. The way you stage your home can help buyers visualize entertaining family and friends for the upcoming holidays. Since the days are shorter, keeps lots of lights on when you’re getting set up for a showing. Help your home smell enticing to potential buyers with the scent (and treat!) of fresh-baked cookies, or consider boiling cinnamon sticks. Try to stay away from too much seasonal decor, but definitely tap into the cozier sides of fall.

Maintenance and Repairs

If you know of any repairs that need to be addressed, take care of them before listing your home. Go ahead and take care of HVAC seasonal inspections, as well as cleaning out your chimney if you have one. Don’t forget to mention that these items have already been completed in your listing description. Those touches will give potential buyers peace of mind that you truly took care of your home. As the temperatures begin to drop, check windows and doors for any drafts. It could be something as simple as additional caulking around the frames or replacing the weather stripping. Also, if any appliances need to be replaced, you may be able to take advantage of seasonal deals and promotions as well. Being proactive now before it shows up on an inspection report will help.

Be Proactive

As soon as you decide to sell your home in the fall, there are a few things you may want to do ahead of time. After you have hired an agent who will assist you in selling your home, take your listing photos, preferably in the summer when your landscaping is at it’s best. Clear out the leaves and keep things picked up outside your home, just like you do inside, keeping up your curb appeal is crucial when your home is listed.

While fall may not seem like the obvious choice for listing your home, it definitely has its advantages. A less competitive market with low inventory may play in your favor for serious buyers. Consider highlighting the perks of your neighborhood in the fall and winter in hopes of helping your buyer feel more connected and fall in love with your listing.

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