Selling And Buying Land

Outer Banks NC Land For Sale

When you decide to sell your land, choosing a REALTOR is one of the most important decisions you have to make. There are many great agents on the Outer Banks who specialize in many different areas of real estate. Unimproved property is a resource in this area that is becoming more and more valuable every day. Too many agents, land can be one of the most challenging sales. It is a blank canvas ready to be painted, but it’s not always easy to see the potential in it. This is why across the nation vacant lot sales command higher commissions.

The first step is to choose a REALTOR who understands what they are selling. Building codes change on a regular basis from town to town. For example, many areas are becoming more and more restrictive as to the size of the house, septic system designs are more demanding, and the number of bedrooms allowed is being reduced affecting rental income. Choosing a REALTOR who knows all of this information will save you from some major stresses in the building process. I will take the time to develop the property through the buyer’s eyes, and guide the buyer through the entire building process, which will allow you to capture the maximum return on your investment. Bringing the buyer to the closing table is not just luck.  Clear benefits of the property must be understood by the buyer to see the transaction close. This truly can be a WIN-WIN for both parties without unexpected surprises!

Having the tools ready for a potential buyer when they are ready for them is a key to selling your land. I can provide a list of preferred builders in your area that have proven track records and quick response time to answer questions. Financing for vacant land can also be challenging. I have the lenders with the money ready to give. Whether a buyer wants to hold the property for investment or needs a construction loan, Funds are readily available for all investors conforming loans or creative financing when needed!

Buying Outer Banks Land

Buying land in the Outer Banks can be an exciting, yet stressful time. Finding the right property, the best builders, and getting financing are just a few of the tasks at hand when you decide to buy a lot here. We are blessed with many good builders on the Outer Banks and a few fantastic builders.  Gone are the days of “the surf is up – stop the project." This is a billion dollar business and the pace is quickening. Knowing the right builder for the right area and project can save you months of rental income. Choosing a REALTOR who knows which builders are overwhelmed with work and which are completing projects of high quality for the dollar and on time can save you thousands.

Contract price is far from the only consideration. Allow me to assist you throughout the entire project with regular updates, pictures and the knowledge gained from other clients who have walked the path before you. Most of our investors are from out of town. Having a local you can count on to keep you informed of progress and current market trends can be a huge asset on your side.

How can I afford this? Easier than you think!  Banks and private investors alike know the value of property on the Outer Banks. Financing is readily available at very affordable rates. Contact me and we can work out the appropriate financing with the lender that best fits your needs.

Outer Banks Lots for Sale

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