Investing In Outer Banks Homes

InvestmentIt has been said that opportunities come to those who create them…

It has also been said, “Someday I will…"


Investing in vacation property and homes is one of the biggest business here on the Outer Banks.  Although there is much to think about when deciding to buy an investment property, having a local who understands the market and everything that goes along with the process can be a major asset to you…especially if you reside out of town, as most our investors do.

If you decide to buy land and build your own investment property to sell at a later date, there is much you will need to understand. Building codes change on a regular basis from town to town. For example, many areas restrict a home’s square footage, total lot coverage, regulate septic systems, and limit the number of bedrooms.  All of these factors can affect your rental income. Choosing a REALTOR who knows all of this information will save you some major stresses in the building process. I will take the time to develop the property through the buyer’s eyes and guide the buyer through the entire building process, which will allow you to capture the maximum return on your investment. Clearly showing the benefits and helping the buyer understand them will bring the transaction to a successful and smooth closing.

Buying a resale home as an investment can also be of great value. Contact Me and I will provide you with a letter from one of our area’s financial advisors and explain tax advantages and past appreciation. Make your cake and eat it too!  Have renters pay for the majority of your investment and, with the flexibility of weekly rentals, use your home for your family too.  Build your castle in the sand and let vacationing “family groups" pay for it!!

If you have questions, or would like more information, please leave your name and contact information.