How The Scent In Your Home Can Help Or Hurt When Selling Your Home

How The Scent In Your Home Can Help Or Hurt When Selling Your Home

Using scents in your home when you’re trying to sell can make a big difference. Try these tips to help your home smell inviting to buyers.

When It Comes To Selling Your Home, The Nose, Nose Best.

It might be common “scents,” however a home’s smell will have a significant impact on its odds of selling. After all, if you’re a customer and you walk into a showing of a house that smells like previous cat litter, that odor can leave a lasting impression. Offensive odors provide buyers a right away negative reaction, thus you want to make sure all bad odors area eliminated before you open your home for tours.

However, several sellers use artificial fragrances to hide unpleasant odors or they use too many various fragrances all at the same time. If you actually need to sell with smell, here are some tricks to freshening up for buyers. Your first step is to deodorize your entire home.

How To Deodorize Your Home

When deodorizing your home, remember that you may be use to how your house really smells. Have a friend come over and tell you what they smell and, more importantly, where. Prior to their visit, remove any artificial fragrances like scented candles or plug-in air fresheners so they can detect underlying odors.

Once you work out where the odors is coming from, the next step is to eliminate the root cause of the odor. Some common odors you may encounter are pet odors, cigarette smoke, mildew, or unpleasant odors from an unclean home.

Here are some tips to help you get ride of those unpleasant smells in your home:

  1. Totally clean the house (ex. do the dishes, wash and put away the laundry, clean out the refrigerator, bleach sinks, etc.)
  2. Wash all soft materials with cold water and 2 cups of vinegar (more than one laundry is also needed to urge robust odors out)
  3. Take any unwashable materials to the dry cleaners
  4. Scrub hard surfaces down with a water and vinegar mix
  5. Wash out all trash cans
  6. Sprinkle sodium bicarbonate on the carpet and cloth furniture, let it sit for a few of hours before vacuuming
  7. Open the windows to ventilate the house
  8. Search for leaks in the bathroom and fix any you discover
  9. Clean out all drains

Introduce Simple Smells To The House

fresh baked cookies - a great scent for your open houseIf you visit department shops around Christmas, they’re typically scented like either pine or cinnamon. Such robust smells can be appealing throughout the season, and provoke shoppers to become buyers. Two simple scents that are effective for selling your home are baked cookies and orange.

Your home ought to feature one scent, not many. Several scents will contend with each other, confusing the buyer and drawing attention from what your home has to offer.

Experts say that sodium bicarbonate will remove bad odors, whereas citrus can make a room more inviting. If you don’t care for citrus, then you may want to choose a simple clean scent or no scent at all, if your home doesn’t have any bad scents to start with. No matter what scent you decide on, the trick is to keep it simple.

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