storm waves

A look at a Hurricane through the eyes of OBX local Almey Gray

2000 hours. Southern front. All is hurry up and wait. Stumpy Bay has been filling with the steady easterly flow. Like a catchers mitt swelling to receive the incoming. How much longer before the narrow banks overflow the insipid push before a soulless enemy. Tom Petty sung- “waiting is the hardest part.” You certainly got that right brother. With every band of wind comes the howl, the reminder that it’s still out there. Tie it all down, put it up high, haul it to higher ground. Tasks completed- darkness sets and with it the unknown- can’t see, can’t do, tired. Waiting for the northward shift that will empty the bay faster than it filled; the ominous sign that the eye is near. Like the black eye of a shark, lurking to see what damage it can do. It moves slowly, one direction or another- depends if your the victim or the survivor. Go to the east the water eases back in, to the west and the question then becomes- how high. We’ve done this time and time before, but it never gets easier. Our Great God, it is in You that we trust. It is in you that we live and move and love and have our very being. Darkness hates the light. You are the Light of the World. We ask you Father – dispel the darkness and when the new light shines- they will find us safe once again. Safe in our Savior’s arms.

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