6 Details That Will Make Your Bathroom Look Great

6 Details That Will Make Your Bathroom Look Great

Bathroom remodels are hard to get just right. There are so many choices—tubs, sinks, and tile, to name a few. But it’s the small things that can make or break a design.

“During a bathroom remodel, both beauty and function matter here, so it’s important to care about both,” says Rob McDowell, a master plumber with All Star Plumbing in Columbia, MO. We have gathered the last little touches you need to make that dream a reality. Here are some things that can make or break how your bathroom remodel turns out. 

1. A luxe shower-head—and where it’s placed

A luxe shower-head

Sure, it’s generally behind a curtain or a door, but the shower-head is not to be overlooked. These days, many people opt for massaging shower-heads and models that can remember your temperature preferences. Many modern, low-flow shower-head systems are designed to provide the same satisfying feel of a traditional shower-head, and models that detach from the wall are still popular as well.

Another easy tip, whether you get a new shower-head or not: Raise it a foot or so higher, so you can enjoy the warm spray across your whole body.

2. Tile grout

  Tile grout

Grout is an important detail to decide on after choosing the perfect tile. Bright white grout in the bathroom is standard, but lot of public places choosing black grout with a lighter tile. Both are a great choice.

Whatever your choice, make sure it blends well with your tile selection. If you have a patterned tile, select a grout that appears seamless and modern, rather than breaking up the pattern with lines of grout.

3. A toilet that isn’t just an afterthought

A toilet that isn’t just an afterthought

Many homeowners glaze over when it gets to the point where they select the toilet. Maybe it’s embarrassing to discuss, because let’s face it … it’s hard to make a toilet beautiful. That being said, it’s going to see a lot of use, so make sure to choose comfort—elongated bowl, please!—and some style, meaning: not your typical oval.

4. Sink faucet

Sink faucet

Sink faucets are basically statement earrings for your bathroom. A favorite is the look of a widespread—at least 8-inch—faucet. Quite apart from appearing more contemporary, faucets that have some room around them are much easier to clean.

5. Towel racks

Towel racks

You will need a place for those wet towels, and chances are, the place they hang on the wall could be a focal place in your bathroom. Choose a towel bar that’s wide enough for at least two towels, so about 24 inches.

Don’t worry if it’s not the same finish as the plumbing. Just choose something you love, because you’ll be using it more than other accessories in your home.

And think about the placement of towel bars and robe hooks before your remodel is complete. Towels should be accessible as you exit the shower.

6. Vanity


If you are planning a full bathroom remodel, replace your bathroom vanity (and to clarify, a bathroom vanity isn’t what hangs on a wall, but cabinetry that holds the sink and also has storage). And while you may be tempted to refinish an existing vanity, for upfront savings, once everything else has been replaced, the vanity will feel even more outdated and be lacking storage.

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